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Income Material Control

O.S.B. focus on the strict scrutiny of the quality of materials and components. 
First and foremost, we rigorously select and certify suppliers of raw materials and components to ensure that their offerings meet our quality requirements. We prioritize suppliers with excellent reputations and experience in the industry, as they can provide high-quality materials and ensure timely delivery.
Secondly, we have established stringent incoming material inspection standards and procedures. Before materials arrive at our factory, our quality control team conducts inspections on each batch of materials. This includes checking the quality, design, configuration and more . Only after passing our thorough inspection can the materials proceed to the production stage. For materials that do not meet our standards, we promptly communicate with the suppliers to either request adjustments or seek alternative qualified suppliers.
Furthermore, during the production process, we conduct sampling inspections and regular checks to ensure consistent quality. We emphasize employee training to equip them with extensive production experience and a strong quality mindset, ensuring that every aspect adheres strictly to our quality requirements.
Through these meticulous incoming material control measures, we secure the stability and reliability of raw materials, enabling us to provide our customers with high-quality custom streetwear. Our goal is to establish our company’s brand image and earn customers’ trust and support by adhering to stringent quality control measures.