Thermodynamic Heat Pump

  • V-smart 100-400L ...

    V-smart 100-400L all-in-one heat pump with thermodynamic solar panel

    1. Famous brand rotary type compressor, low vibration, low noise, and high reliability.

    2. Fast water heating up to 60℃.
    3. Duplex steel water tank, decontamination anti-scaling 20 years lifetime.
    4. Easiest installation, IPX4 safety, Water and electricity separation.
    5. Touch screen intelligent control, easy to operate.
    6. Smart control system, Electric heating function.
    7. Powder coated & Stainless Steel housing for options.
    8. Stainless steel inner or or Duplex steel innner, Enamel Inner.
    9. R410a, R134a, R407c refrigerant is available.