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Hotel project——OSB swimming pool heat pump BS35-115T

Hotel project——OSB swimming pool heat pump BS35-115T

Commercial swimming pool heat pump heater and cooler

1. Both water heating & cooling, Min 8°C/ Max 40°C.Auto flow detect.

2. Applicable to swimming pool, SPA or fish cultivation. 

3. Titanium heat exchanger in PVC shell , virtually impervious to water chemistry damage.

4. World famous Japanese brand compressor. 

5. Small water temp difference only 1-5 deg c.

6. Insufficient water flow protection & high/low pressure protection.

7. Auto 4-way-valve defrost, ensure reliably running at cold ambient temp.

8 .Widely choose for heating capacity.

9. OEM design optional. Different color available. Stainless steel/Galvanized steel shell optional.

10.CE approved.

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