Solar thermal heat pump all in one from OSB


As we know,

Solar thermal panels are installed onto a roof , and absorb heat from the sun, then warms a liquid in the collectors. This liquid is then circulated round a wet central heating system or into an immersion heater within a hot water cylinder which heats the domestic hot water.

While air source heat pump, take heat from the air.

What could be the heat pump combine with the solar thermal panels?

Does it more energy saving and provide higher temp of hot water?

The answer is desnig yes.

Find our solar thermal heat pump all in one techincal data in below

200Liter to 500Liter optional

Ultra Quite

Provide maximum hot water of 70 deg c

Super energy saving

Wifi smart control function optional



Demo video is available ,contact us for a further details.

Post time: Aug-18-2022