Pros and Cons of Ground Source Heat Pumps


Are Ground Source Heat Pumps Worth It?

Ground source heat pumps are excellent low carbon heating systems that are popular due to their high efficiency rate and low running costs, therefore they can definitely be worth it. A ground source heat pump makes use of the ground’s constant temperature and uses that to heat up your home; either for space and/or domestic water heating.

Once installed, there are very few running costs, and as this type, among various heat pumps, is eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive, you can actually earn a bit of additional income on the side. However, the initial price of a ground source heat pump is high, which can turn some homeowners away.

Heat pumps play an important role in reducing the UK’s overall carbon emissions. There are currently 240,000 units installed, and to help reach the UK’s 2050 Net Zero goals, an additional 19 million heat pumps need to be installed. By investing in a ground source heat pump you can help achieve that goal, though it is important to research the system to determine if it is the right solution for your specific home.

What Are the Advantages of GSHPs?

  • Low running costs - Their running costs of heat pumps are very low compared to those of direct electric heating systems. That is due to the fact that the only basic element of a simple GSHP that requires the use of electric energy is the compressor.
  • Energy-efficient – In fact, the energy output is roughly 3-4 times greater than the energy that is required to run them.
  • Low carbon heating system - They don’t produce carbon emissions on site and don’t involve the use of any fuels, and are therefore a good choice if you’re looking for low carbon heating solutions. Additionally, if a sustainable source of electricity is used to power them, such as solar panels, they don’t produce carbon emissions at all.
  • Provides both cooling and heating - Unlike air conditioners, which demand the use of a furnace for heating. That is achieved by means of a reversing valve that changes the direction of circulation of the fluid.
  • Eligible for grants - GSHPs are eligible for green energy grants, including the RHI and the more recent Green Homes Grant. By making use of grants, you can lower installation and/or running costs, making it an even more attractive investment.
  • Constant and inexhaustible - Ground heat is usually constant and inexhaustible (there are almost no fluctuations in its capability for heating and cooling), is available worldwide and has a massive potential (estimated at 2 terawatts).
  • Virtually silent - GSHPs are silent runners, so you or your neighbours will not be bothered by a noisy heat pump unit.
  • Increases property value - If the GSHP installation is well designed, it will increase the value of your property, making it a great home improvement option for your home.

Post time: Jul-14-2022