Part 1: Advantage of Air to water heat pump water heater, compared with other water heaters


There are four main types of domestic water heaters:

  1. Electric water heater
  2. Gas water heater
  3. Solar water heater
  4. Air to water heat pump


Amoung these four types of water heaters, NO.4 air to water heat pump water heater is the most reasonable one, the most comfortable use and competitive way to use.

Detailed description:

Air to water heat pump

It is half cheaper than electric water heaters and half cheaper than solar water heaters. Save space of installation.


Air to water heat pump water heater can absorb a lot of heat from ambient air under the action of compressor, so the hot water cost is only half to quarter of that of electric water heater (energy efficiency ratio is different), and half of that of gas water heater.

China is a resource-scarce country. Gas resources, especially power resources, are relatively scarce. Therefore, energy-saving water heaters will not only be favored by the government, but also be popular for families.

Heat pump water heater own both solar energy water heaters’ and electric water heaters’ advantage: energy saving. But none of their disadvantages. Therefore, air to water heat pump will gradually replace the traditional water heater as its reasonable prices.


Specific analysis and comparison are as follows:

  1. Electric water heaters generate hot water by resistance heating. Even if 100 calories are converted into heat, only 860 calories can be generated for every one-degree consumption of electricity. Using an electric water heater is equivalent to buying 20 calories for a penny.

Air to water heat pump uses compresor heating technology, which drives compressor to absorb a large amount of free heat energy from air to produce hot water with a small amount of electricity. For every one-degree power consumption, an average of 2666 calories can be generated (the average energy efficiency ratio is calculated at 3.0). It’s equivalent to buying 64 calories for a penny.


Electronic heat pump water heater uses semiconductor heat pump heating technology, and uses semiconductor temperature difference effect to absorb heat energy from ambient air to make hot water. Generally, the energy efficiency ratio can reach more than 2.0. It’s equivalent to buying 40 calories for a penny.

Therefore, the hot water cost of compressor heat pump water heater is more than two-thirds cheaper than that of electric water heater.

The cost of hot water in an electronic heat pump water heater is more than one-half cheaper than that of an electric water heater.



Post time: Jun-11-2022