OSB R290 heat pump


More and more attention had been taken for ECO green and energy saving product with low GWP.


Because of that, we got more inquire about the R290 heat pumps.

Then what is R290, and is there any difference between R290 and R32 ?

Let’s find more details in below


Firstly, you already know R32 is eco green and with low GWP of 675, which is much lower then R410a

Thus,   R32 heat pump has been so hot since 2021. which offers the right environmental and energy savings to make a good mid-term fix for end users looking for low carbon heating, cooling and hot water systems.


This versatility makes R32 a great choice for air-to-water heat pump systems in the domestic sector where the switch from fossil fuel boilers is gathering pace.


  R32 is considered as a half-way house and there are already refrigerants emerging for heat pumps that are less harmful to the planet.

However, nowadays, R290 – a propane grade refrigerant offering an impressive GWP of two. All refrigerants should be handled with care but in the case of R290 with its high flammability this should be doubly so.


In terms of performance R290 is every way as good as R32 .


R290 is a suitable replacement for high GWP gases in air-to-air heat pumps and has potential usage for air-to-water heat pumps too. I am perfectly in tune with the decision to develop products that use R290 as a low GWP alternative .

though as it is not covered by any legislation for those working with it the consequences could be dire.


A lot of demand for R290 heat pumps, and to be catch the latest technology and meet the demand. Our OSB heat pump are doing a lot of research about the R290 heat pump, and newly model is coming very soon.


Contact us and let ‘s work together for a R290 heat pump for your market.

Post time: Jul-02-2022