New Multifunction EVI inverter heat pump R32


With the big demands for multifunction heat pump in the markets. Here comes our OSB new products— Multifunction EVI inverter heat pump R32.


* Full DC inverter technology, frequency changes according to heating demands, save energy and electricity bill.

* Max hot water temperature reach 60c.

* Work well at -25~+43c ambient temp, suitable for chilly area or hot area.

* Compact design with WILO water pump in bulit.

* Use high efficient tube in shell heat exchanger, good performance of water heating.

* Adopt stable R32 Panasonic Scroll inverter compressor.

* Total 5 working modes: domestic hot water, air heating, air cooling, domestic hot water+air heating, domestic hot water+ air cooling.


Find technical data as below:



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Post time: Jul-02-2022