Ice bath chiller heat pump


The sample for chiller heat pump, which with minimum 5 deg c oultet had finished testing recently.

 It able to cooling the 500L ice bath to mimiumu 5 deg c, and meet the requested time of our partner.

Let’s see below parameter for further info.


And what is good for this chiller heat pump?

Cooling to the minimum 5 deg c , use for icebath, sea food etc.

And impressed by our partner with below


*Rusting free casing optional

 • Rated cooling capacity 3.5kw at Air temp 30 deg c, single phase

• All screws to be stainless steel 304.

Cooling temp adjustable—That means it is possible set the cold water as per your desire temp.

• Famous Japanese brand  compressor in built

 • Use 4-WAY VALVE, and pure and patent design titanium heat exchanger.

Use expansion valve to adjust the flow precisely.

• Automatic defrosting

• Powerful LCD digital controller,

• Environmentally friendly refrigerant of R1410a


• Timer function and variety protection like high/low pressure, lack of water protection,

High current protection,

*Auto re-start function.

*Anti freezing function. And so on.


Contact us for a demo video and full specifiation about the ice bath chiller heat pump  , and we can share some installation tips with you as well.Feel free to email us.



Post time: Sep-08-2022