How to solve the problem of complex control and high failure rate of CCHP system? This heating and hot water co supply provides a new idea! (Part 1)



1(2)“The concept of heat pump triple supply is so good, why not strongly recommend it?” Has this question ever bothered many people?


Indeed, a set of air source heat pump triple supply system that can meet the three needs of heating, cooling and hot water at the same time can not only improve the comfort of home, but also reduce the initial investment of users. However, since the birth of triple supply system for more than ten years, it has not been vigorously promoted and popular because of its advanced concept, but has not been warm to today.


Why on earth is this?


The root of the problem lies in the insurmountable defects of the heat pump triple supply system, such as complex control system, high failure rate, uneven heat distribution and energy efficiency.


The control system is complex


At present, there are two main system forms of the industry’s triple supply products: switching water circuit and switching fluorine circuit.


Among them, the triple supply of switching fluorine circuit realizes different functions by controlling different valves. Although there is no problem in this way, the system is complex, there are too many parts and welding joints, the operation failure rate is high, the reliability is difficult to guarantee, let alone the stability, and the cost is high, the volume is large, and it is inconvenient to install and maintain.


The three-way valve of water circuit is controlled to realize different functions. This method is widely used in Europe, and the system is relatively simple and reliable. However, it has higher requirements for water tank, which is mainly reflected in the selection of inner coil pipe, the processing of water tank and the service life of water tank. At the same time, because the water tank is indirectly heated, it is not conducive to energy saving and the upper limit of water temperature, and the overall cost is high.

Post time: Aug-18-2022