Heat pump R152a


To be update with green and new energy, OSB had present the latest heat pump R152a.


You may asked, what’s is R152a?

Here is the info which could be helpful for a better idea.


R152a is commonly used as a propellant in aerosols, as a foaming agent, or as a component of refrigerant blends, however, its classification as a slightly flammable refrigerant has limited its use in automotive and commercial refrigeration. However, the recent Spanish taxation of fluoridated greenhouse refrigerants (with GWP greater than 150), as well as the limitations imposed by the F-Gas regulation in the face of global warming, has led to a renewed interest in flammable refrigerants, and even highly toxic refrigerants such as ammonia.

Polyurethane or R152a is a pure fluoridate hydrocarbon with a formulation very similar to R134a. It has a vapour pressure curve equivalent to R134a, with deviations of only 2K, and has equivalent chemical characteristics, and is therefore compatible with all materials, refrigeration components, thermostatic valves, compressors and lubricating oils.

R152a also has superior thermodynamic characteristics to R134a and Fossa. The heat transfer coefficient of the refrigerant in evaporators is increased by about 20% due to the better physical properties of R152a compared to R134a. Due to the lower gas viscosity, the pressure drop in the suction lines will be reduced by 30%. The lower molecular weight of R152a gives it a high latent heat of evaporation, a higher volumetric efficiency of the compressor, and a better COP performance of the refrigeration cycle, with a higher discharge temperature of about 10K compared to R134a.

Why we need heat pump R152a?

As it is green and  low GWP, also with higher hot water outlet compare to R32.

And it is ideal to replace the R134a high temp heat pump.


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Post time: Jan-06-2023