Heat pump chiller 5 deg c outlet


Spa massage is a good way to relax.

Is there any OSB heat pump able to cooling the spa to 5 deg c for a cold bath?

The answer is yes.

As we got more and more inquire about pool/spa/Jacuzzi cooling these days.


What kind of heat pump could be suitable?


We OSB do have heat pump full range from 3kw to 120kw, Which able to offer minimum 5 deg c cool water,  able to meet the demand for pool/spa/Jacuzzi cooling.


With our air to water heat pump chiller,  with less temp difference, and pool/spa/Jacuzzi  temp could be kept constantly and feel more comfortable and much energy saving .


What’s more, with a precisely sensor and smart control on our heat pump chiller. It make it setting and monitor much easier and user’s friendly.


And gain a lot of happy client for that heat pump chiller.


Let us show you more feature about OSB air to water  heat pump chiller

 • Rated heating capacity 3kw to 120kw

• Outstanding performance for cooling and heating.

• High COP

* hot water maximum 40deg c (adjustable)—That means it is possible set the hot water as per your desire temp.

* cold water minimum5 deg c

• Famous Japanese brand compressor in built

 • Use 4-WAY VALVE, expansion valve and tube in shell heat exchanger

• Automatic defrosting

• Powerful digital lcd controller, with set point temp to be 0.1 deg c

  • Environmental friendly refrigerant of R1410a or Special one R407c optional
  • Timer function
  • Safety air switch
  • Smart wifi remote control function available.


We are happy to offer a energy saving system for the pool/spa/Jacuzzi cooling for you.

For more info about our heat pump chiller which given 5 deg c cold water, feel free to call us anytime.

Post time: Jul-02-2022