Future Looks Bright for Heat Pumps as Electrification Movement Gains Momentum– Part Three

No Incentives, Little Interest
Incentives work as long as they are in place. In the late 1980s, utility companies in Louisiana offered large rewards for consumers to install heat pumps. This led to the creation of what was then called the Louisiana Heat Pump Association. Last year, the group changed its name to the HVACR Association of Louisiana. The new name reflects a larger focus on all the industry’s needs, said Charles Weckesser, the association’s president.

“Having all these great things that should lure dealers into our association, they couldn’t look past the name,” said Weckesser, who is president of Comfort Specialists Air Conditioning and Heating in Marrero, Louisiana.

Weckesser said part of the problem is there’s enough business keeping people cool in this hot, humid state that few contractors see the point in promoting heating options. In some cases, they even advise against installing heat pumps.

“There’s a lot of contractors that just won’t touch them,” he said. “They want to keep it simple.”

He finds that thinking short-sighted. It’s true that very cold winters only occur every few years in Louisiana, and most parts of the state stays fairly warm year round. Still, temperatures during the winter reach the high 40s. This is perfect weather for heat pumps to provide comfort at an affordable price, Weckesser said. That’s the message contractors need to share with their customers.

“Most consumers don’t ask about them,” Weckesser said. “We have to educate them.”

Industry Sees Bright Future
Despite some challenges, heat pump manufacturers see a bright future for the products. Tom Carney, director of sales for Halcyon at Fujitsu General America, said heat pumps have seen 12% growth so far this year. This follows four years of growth around 9%.

Terry Frisenda, national accounts manager for construction sales for LG Air Conditioning Technologies, said heat pump growth will continue as more homeowners seek an electric option that reliably delivers year-round heating and cooling.

“As the movement to reduce the impact of traditional fossil fuels progresses, the preference for a more efficient and connected home increases,” Frisenda said.

Smith from METUS agrees.

“How else are you going to heat your homes if you can’t burn fossil fuels?” he said. “There will be a heat pump revolution in this country.”

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Future Looks Bright for Heat Pumps as Electrification Movement Gains Momentum-- Part Three

Post time: Mar-16-2022