Future Looks Bright for Heat Pumps as Electrification Movement Gains Momentum– Part One

–Industry needs to educate consumers, overcome concerns about overwhelming grid

Heat pumps are poised to become one of the biggest winners in the HVAC market as the nation moves toward electrification. But recent events show some challenges for the technology. Industry experts see these obstacles as temporary and expect acceptance to grow.

Incentives exist in many parts of the country to move away from natural gas usage. Some cities rewrote building codes to promote electrification. More than 30 cities in California are outright banning new natural gas hook-ups. This improves the attractiveness of heat pumps as an option for home heating. Traditional heat pumps use electricity to make a coil function as an evaporator and use outside air to heat the home.

Last winter’s unusually cold weather in Texas showed how widespread use of heat pumps creates a challenge that states need to address as they increase electrification. Lee Rosenberg, chairman of Rosenberg Indoor Comfort in San Antonio, Texas, said many parts of the state lack residential natural gas connections and depend on heat pumps for warmth.

That’s not a problem in a normal winter, but the February storm saw temperatures plunge and heat pumps kicked on across the country. The devices run efficiently but get a full amp draw when they turn on. This boost in energy helped tax an already-limited electric system and contributed to the blackouts that caused problems across the state. In addition, the heat pumps worked harder than usual because of the abnormal temperatures, further taxing the electric grid.

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Future Looks Bright for Heat Pumps as Electrification Movement Gains Momentum-- Part One

Post time: Mar-16-2022