ERP A+++ Inverter heat pump water heater and chiller

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Lately the DC inverter heat pump water heater and chiller are hot selling with multifunction.

Adopt domestic hot water/central fan coil cooling/floor heating use for all year round.

Competitive price with full options, 11kw to 21kw heating capacity.

Full DC inverter technology, that is DC inverter Panasonic EVI compressor plus stable DC inverter fan motor. While frequency changes according to heating demands, save much more energy and electricity bill.


Provide max hot water temp up to 60 deg .

Plenty of heat pump itself protection, such like high/low pressure protection, memory function in case of power-down.


Low global warming potential R32 use.

WIFI app remote control function available.

At minimum ambient temp -25c, still working stable.


Complete system with heat pump, 3-way-valve, water pump, expansion tank, DHW tank, floor heating tank and etc can be provided. To help you save the cost, also save your time!

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Post time: Sep-28-2022