DC inverter heat pump heating and cooling


Glad to share with you about our happy client–a school heating/cooling project.

Which use the 78kw DC inverter heat pump for heating and cooling.


As you may see from the pic, it is vertical design with double fans.

See below spec for better idea


And what is good for this dc inverter heat pump?


*Rusting free casing optional

And thanks to the inverter compressor, it is more energy saving and able

To have fast cooling.

• All screws to be stainless steel 304.

Cooling temp adjustable—That means it is possible set the cold water as per your desire temp.

• Famous Japanese brand  compressor in built

 • Use 4-WAY VALVE, and pure and patent design titanium heat exchanger.

Use expansion valve to adjust the flow precisely.

• Automatic defrosting

• Powerful LCD digital controller,

• Environmentally friendly refrigerant of R1410a


• Timer function and variety protection like high/low pressure, lack of water protection,

High current protection,

*Auto re-start function.


Contact us for a demo video and price list about the dc inverter heat pump  , and we can share some installation tips with you as well.

feel free to email us.

Post time: Nov-01-2022