Corrosion free air source hot water heat pump


Corrosion is one of the main concern worry by our coast partner.

With OSB corrosion free air source hot water heat pump, it is the solution for that.


OSB Air source heat pump with outdoor cabinet treated with an anti-corrosion treatment.


But also had the air heat exchanger coils (evaporator) to have been treated with an anti-corrosion treatment as well.


This special anti-corrosion coating ensures greater resistance to salt damage and atmospheric corrosion caused by such elements as sea spray and rain.

Along with this, proper maintenance and positioning of the heat pump is essential for combatting these rusting issues.


You may asked, what’s the difference the corrosion free heat pump vs non corrosion free heat pump.


There are mainly three difference

    1.The casing.

the non corrosion heat pump is painted in white color, no rusting treatment, not able to stand for rusting.

But This corrosion free heat pump , its casing with  corrosion resistance treatment, therefore it is rusting free.

    2.anti-corrosion treatment. Evaporator

The non corrosion heat pump  with normal blue fin evaporator, it is not anti rusting.


While the corrosion free heat pump with black evaporator ,

And the evaporator had Corrosion Resistant treatment as well

    3.The screws.

All screws on the non corrosion heat pump with ss304 screws .


Compare that, the black heat pump with ss304 in painted black color , with better performance on rusting.


In a words, the heat pump with all black design, include casing, evaporator and even the screws all with rusting free.

Idea for the costal area.


And for a better idea about the difference for corrosion free heat pump vs non corrosion free heat pump, demo video is available.


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Post time: Aug-03-2022