Choose The Best From R32 Vs R410A Vs R22 Vs R290-Part 2

Other Different Types Of Refrigerants

Refrigerant R600A

The R600a is a new hydrocarbon refrigerant with excellent performance. It is derived from natural ingredients, which do not harm the ozone layer, have no greenhouse effect, and are green and environment-friendly.

It has a high latent heat of evaporation and a strong cooling capacity: good flow performance, low transmission Pressure, low power consumption, and slow recovery of load temperature. Compatible with various compressor lubricants, it is an alternative to R12.R600a is a flammable gas.

 Refrigerant R404A

R404A is especially used to replace R22 and R502. It is characterized by cleanliness, low toxicity, non-water, and a good refrigeration effect. R404A refrigerant does not have any severe effect on the ozone layer

The R404A is made up of HFC125, HFC-134a, and HFC-143. It is a colorless gas at room temperature and a colorless transparent liquid at its pressure.

Suitable for new commercial refrigeration equipment, transport refrigeration equipment, and refrigeration equipment at medium and low temperatures.

Refrigerant R407C

The refrigerant R407C is a mixture of hydrofluorocarbons. The R407C is primarily used to replace the R22. It is clean, low toxicity, non-combustible, and has signs of good refrigeration effect.

Under air conditioning, its unit volume cooling capacity and refrigeration coefficient are less than 5% of R22. Its cooling coefficient does not change much at lower temperatures, but its cooling capacity per unit volume is 20% less.

Refrigerant R717 ( Ammonia)

R717 ( Ammonia) is refrigerant-grade ammonia used in low to medium-temperature refrigeration. It is colorless and highly toxic. But it is a very efficient refrigerant with zero global warming potential.

It is easy to obtain, has low price, medium pressure, large unit cooling, high exothermic coefficient, is almost insoluble in oil, small flow resistance. But the odor is irritating and toxic, can burn and explode.

Comparison Of Refrigerants


Desirable Properties Of A Good Refrigerant:

A refrigerant substance is considered to be a good refrigerant only if it has the following properties:

1. Low Boiling Point

The boiling point of a good refrigerant should be lower than that temperature at normal pressure as the temperature desired for cold storage, brains tank, or another cold place. That is, where the refrigerant evaporates.

The pressure in the coils of the refrigerant should be higher than the pressure in the air so that the leakage of the refrigerant from the coils can be easily checked.

2. Latent Heat Of Vaporization

The latent heat (the amount of heat required to change from liquid to gas at the same temperature) for the evaporator of the liquid refrigerant must be high.

Fluids with more latent heat per kg leave a relatively greater refrigeration effect by exploiting more heat than liquid with less latent heat.

3. Low Specific Volume

The relative volume of refrigerant gas should be less so that more gas can be filled in the Compressor at a time. The size of the refrigeration machine is determined based on the latent heat and relative volume of the refrigerant.

4. Liquify At Lower Pressure

A good refrigerant turns into a liquid at low pressure only by cooling it with water or air. This property is found in ammonia (NH3).


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