80 deg c high temperature heat pump water heater


Room heating demand had increased, heat pump is became a common way to warm the house.

And commercial unit is new arrival, which ideal to replace old boiler for the hotel/industrial project.


We OSB do have 80 deg c high temperature heat pump water heater, with full range from 13kw, 26kw, 35kw, 47kw,  60kw and 73kw.

Which offer maximum 80  deg c high temp water,  ideal for radiator heating, fan coil heating for household and commercial project.


With our 80 deg c heat pump water heater, green and energy saving, as heat pump able to collect heat from the air, and room temp could be kept constantly and feel more comfortable and much energy saving than electricity heater/boiler.


What’s more, it can control a few radiator at one time with one heat pumps. Not like air conditioner, much be one indoor unit match one outdoor unit.


And gain a lot of happy client for that 80 deg c high temperature heat pump water heater.


Let us show you more feature about OSB 80 deg c high temperature heat pump water heater.

 • Rated heating capacity 13kw to 73kw

• Outstanding performance for heating

• High COP

* hot water maximum 80 deg c (adjustable)—That means it is possible set the hot water as per your desire temp.

• Famous Copeland compressor in built

 • Use 4-WAY VALVE, expansion valve and tube in shell heat exchanger

• Automatic defrosting

• Powerful digital lcd controller, with set point temp to be 0.1 deg c

  • Environmental friendly refrigerant of R134a
  • Timer function
  • Safety air switch


We are happy to offer a energy saving system for the room heating heat pump for you.

And happy to provide some proposal for the commercial project with 80 deg c heat pump water heater.

For more info about our 80 deg c heat pump water heater, feel free to call us anytime.


Post time: Sep-08-2022