60hz Commercial heat pump pool heater

4Besides heat pump for household, the 60hz commercial model heat pump for Swimming pool heating/cooling are available.

Such like 50kw 60hz commercial heat pump, 79kw 60hz commercial heat pump and even the 130kw 60hz commercial heat pump models.


See below technical data for the 3 biggest commercial heat pump models with 60hz.



Our 60hz commercial heat pump With both heating and cooling function. Able to provide 12 deg c cold water at minimum, and offer maximum 40deg c hot water, with constant heating working mode, can fit for fish farm heating as well.


You can see from the data and pic, these 3 models with difference casing, but all of them with below outstanding feature:

• High COP

* hot water maximum 40 deg c (adjustable)

* cold water minimum 12 deg c

• Famous Japanese brand compressor

 • Use 4-WAY VALVE, expansion valve and tube in shell heat exchanger

• Automatic defrosting

Built in air switch for safety and easy serving.

• Powerful digital controller, with set point temp to be 0.1 deg c, and Parallel control function available. Which able to manage maximum 16 heat pumps at one time with one controller.

  • Timer function—Ensure you could ask heat pump to heating the water in advance before you need it. And also can make heat pump to work at 9am to 11am which with higher air temp in the daytime, to get the better heating performance and reduce the heating time.
  • Remote control dry contact
  • Smart wifi control optional, which ensure you to adjust the setting, change the heating or cooling mode and etc.


Also there are a couple question asked quite often, let\s help you to get all of them to have better idea about our 50kw/79kw/130kw commercial pool heat pumps.


  1. Is water circulation pump include?

No, due to the limited space inside the heat pump, also difference size water pump need to considered as per the pool distance and water max head. There is no water pump inside our commercial pool heat pump. A external water pump is required.


  1. What’s the heating time for your commercial pool heat pumps?

As our commercial heat pump is air to water type, the heating capacity and performance various from different outdoor air temp. The higher air temp, the best heating performance, and heating time is difference.


  1. Is the 28 deg c the maximum set point for your pool heat pumps?

No,  the maximum water outlet can be as high as 40 deg c for our pool heat pumps.

But for pool heating, most of request set point is 25 deg c to 28 deg c.


  1. When heat pump reach the set point of 28 deg c , does it stop?

And at what temp does is re-start for heating ?

Yes, heat pump could stop for heating when outlet sensor the pool temp of 28 deg c,

Same temp as the setting temp.

And when outlet sensor found out pool temp drop to 26 deg c ( delta temp is 2 deg c or it can be adjustable to 1 deg c to 5 deg c). Heat pump will auto re-start for heating.

So as to offer a comfortable pool temp for you!


For further info about technical data for our 60hz commercial pool heat pump of 50kw/79kw and 130kw models, feel free to email us

Post time: Jul-02-2022