5kw Spa heating solution


When  comes to spa heating , the first  thing in your mind is the conventional heater ?

Are they any other optional for spa heating, which can do a good job of warming the water and maintaining your set temperature?

We are surely you can find a answer after finished this article.

As we know, the conventional heater in built in the spa,

will warm water at a degree an hour and are designed to be kept warm once your water reaches the desired temperature to be most economical. Although your initial heat up will take some time, keeping the spa at ‘jump in temperature’ is the best and most economical way to utilise these heaters, instead of heating from cold each use. The benefit of this heating is that they are fuss free being contained underneath the spa cabinet, no additional connections or installation is required, and they do their job well. For most people, this is all that they need to use and enjoy their spa, but if you’re looking to reduce your running costs , our OSB spa heat pump could be a good choose.


Glad to show the OSB Spa heat pump 5kw for you

*Rusting free casing optional

 • Rated heating capacity from 3kw/5kw/7kw, single phase

• All screws to be stainless steel 304.

• High COP

Heating  maximum 42 deg c (adjustable)—That means it is possible set the hot water as per your desire temp.

• Famous Japanese brand  compressor in built

 • Use 4-WAY VALVE, and pure and patent design titanium heat exchanger.

• Automatic defrosting

• Powerful LCD digital controller, which with WiFi smart remote control, water pump working mode control, set point temp precisely set to 0.1 deg c.

• Environmentally friendly refrigerant of R1410a/R32

• Timer function and variety protection like high/low pressure, lack of water protection,


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Post time: Jun-11-2022