Multifunction Heat Pump (Heating/ Cooling/DHW)

  • R32 R290 EVI DC I...

    R32 R290 EVI DC Inverter Multifunction Air-to-water Heat Pump BLB1I-100S 130S BLB3I-130S 180S

    • Full DC inverter Technology.
    • High efficiency class A+++
    • Wifi mobile APP
    • Low noise
    • Environmental friendly R32, R290 gas available
    • Comfortable low noise
    • Quality-guaranteed Components
  • Inverter Air to W...

    Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump for heating/cooling BB1I-083S/P with Water Pump Inbuilt

    1.Suitable for low temperature environment of – 15 degrees.
    2.Comfortable inverter technology with low running noise, especially suitable for floor heating of villas.
    3.More precise temperature control, can reach below 1 degree.
    4.Various automatic detection functions can protect units.
    5.Integrated design easy-to-install.

  • Multi-function he...

    Multi-function heat pump for heating cooling DHW BN15-110S/p

    1. Multi function heat pump. Wide use for heating, cooling and hot water supply.
    2. Max hot water up to 60℃.
    3. Air to water pump for house heating or commercial hot water use.
    4. The tube-in-shell heat exchanger as condenser is with good anti-corrosion feature.
    5. When the electricity break down, it can automatic restart to the before state.
    6. Use world famous 3-way-valve for cooling. Reliable and stable.

  • Multi-function 3-...

    Multi-function 3-in-1 Air to water heat pump BM15-70S

    1. World-known brand components, like Japanese famous brand compressor, high quality and reliability.
    2. Powerful and energy saving, heating+DHW(domestic hot water) and cooling+DHW two working modes can be chosen.
    3. Tube-in-shell heat exchanger. Bigger heat exchanger, higher efficiency.
    4. With heat recovery function.
    5. Environment-friendly refrigerant R410a.
    6. Max hot water up to 55℃.

  • Multifunction Air...

    Multifunction Air to water heat pump with heat recovery heating BM35-110S

    1. Maximum hot water temperature reach 55 deg c.
    2. Two working modes optional: Domestic hot water+ under floor heating at the same time, domestic hot water + cooling function at the same time.
    3. Use R410a environmental friendly refrigerant.
    4. With high efficient tube-in-shell heat exchanger, good performance of water heating.
    5. Free hot water supply.
    6. Use world-known brand components, such like American Copeland and Japanese brand compressor, high quality and reliability.

  • Commercial Multif...

    Commercial Multifunction air source heat pump heating and cooling BM35-215T 240T 315T

    1. Wide use with heating and cooling functions.
    2. 38kw heating capacity, 380V/3Ph/50~60Hz, could be used for commercial use.
    3. Vertical design with air switch optional, convenience for maintance.
    4. Heating and cooling modes available: DHW + space heating, DHW + Fan coil cooling.
    5. Good performance with bigger high efficient tube-in- shell heat exchanger.
    6. Supply 55 deg c hot water .

  • Commercial Multif...

    Commercial Multifunction air to water heat pump BY35-108S/P

    1. Powerful and energy saving, offer 5 working modes like Heating,Cooling, DHW(domestic hot water), Heating+DHW, Cooling+DHW.
    2. Use Environment-friendly refrigerant R410A.
    3. Use bigger tube-in-shell heat exchanger, with higher efficiency.
    4. Use world-known brand components, like Japanese famous brand compressor,  Wilo pump,high quality and reliability.
    5. Perfect protection design such as anti-frost protection, high/ low pressure protection, water flow protection, high-temp protection, etc., and automatic defrost function, assuring the system to run safely and efficiently even in low temperature environment.
    6. Blue Aluminum fins+copper tubes as condenser, double L shape, more bigger and efficiency.
    7. It can be used in combination with the fan coil for heating the floor, cooling and heating for your house.
    8. Max hot water up to 55℃.

  • Hot Sales Multi F...

    Hot Sales Multi Function Heating Cooling Heat Pump

    1. Air to water chiller heat pump, a full solution for cooling/heating all year around.
    2. Produce maximum 55 deg c hot water.
    3. Multi function design with five working modes: domestic hot water, under floor heating, fan coil cooling, domestic hot water + under floor heating, domestic hot water + fan coil cooling.
    4. High COP reach 6~7 when using under air cooling+ domestic hot water mode.
    5.  Double EEV for double system. According to customer’s nee, the EEV auto change. Saving energy cost & more intelligent. To ensure the unit work stable.

  • 60KW Multifunctio...

    60KW Multifunction Air to water heat pump heating cooling DHW BM35-500T

    1. 60kw heating capacity, could be widely used for industrial or commercial.
    2. WIFI remote control function available.
    3. Vertical design with three fan blades, can be used for ventilation.
    4. Hot water temp reach 55 deg c. Cold water can be 8 deg c.
    5. Adopt both heating and cooling modes. Under heating modes, users can enjoy hot water supply and under floor heating at the same time. Under cooling modes, users can enjoy fan coil cooling and free hot water supply at the same time.