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Cold Plunge Water Chiller Ice Bath with Wifi Control BYS15-006S

Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water Heat Pump

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Cold Plunge Water Chiller Ice Bath with Wifi Control BYS15-006S

● Mini design, with great cooling performance;● Fast rapid cooling, min outlet water temp. down to 3℃;● Using super silent fan motor, high quality condenser, anti-corrosion titanium heat exchanger;

● Multiple intelligent protection functions

● Suitable for cold plunge / ice bath, mini pool, spa tub, etc.;

● OEM service:logo, casing material, packaging, etc.

    ● Fasting Cooling 3 °C Fast and energy- efficient cooling allows you to accelerate your body's recovery after training. More models optional,wide range of outlet water temp. 3~40°C. One unit can meet the needs of ice baths and hot spas. ● Titanium Heat Exchanger Titanium has the super strong corrosion resistant ability. Water chiller for ice bath are equipped with titanium heat exchangers to provide maximum cool transfer. ● TiSuper Silent Fan Motor ● High Quality Condenser Reduce resistance loss and ensure efficient air heat exchange. The heat exchange area is incresed by 30%,and the eficiency of the L-shaped high-density condenser Is increased by 48 5% compared with the tradtional type. ● Support OEM & ODM Customization Customlzations of logo, casing material, packaging. etc. ● Wide Range of Cooling Capacity 1~120KW