Inverter Air Source Spa Pool Heat Pump with Solar PV System

Short Description:

1. Running temp: -15~43℃

2. Outlet water temp: 8~40℃

3. Function: heating & cooling.

4. heating capacity range: 2~30KW.


Product Detail


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● Eco Friendly Refrigerant R32
Compared to the refrigerants widely used today, such as R22 and R41 0A, R32 has a global warming potential that is two-third lower. R32 is also remarkable for its small environmen tal impact, which speeds up its popularity in the industry.
● Full DC Inverter Technology
Unlike a traditional heat pump with a single-speed compressor which by switching on and off periodically to adjust the performance of the heating & cooling, a full inverter heat pump uses a variable speed compressor which can automatically adjust the output needed at the lowest consumption of power and maintain the best temperature at different climatic conditions. When the heating demand is high, the inverter compressor and the fan motor will start running at a high speed, inversely, they will run at a low speed. Water temp. accuracy can be down to 0.1℃.  

● Spiral Titanium Tube In PVC
Spiral titanium tube in PVC is with strong corrosion resistance, rarely produce oxide layer, no pollution medium, environmental protection and non-toxic.
● Four-season Swimming
With the full DC inverter technology and the larger heat exchanger, OSB INVERTER POOL HEAT PUMP is able to run stably in a wide ambient temperature range from -10~43°C. lt is a cost effective way to extend the pool heating period to four seasons.
● Intelligent Defrosting
Equipped with four-way valve, OSB Inverter Pool Heat Pump can automatically defrost efficiently and quickly when ambient temperature is low,perfectly adapting to the needs of different temperature and areas. This also ensures the wide application range from 5 to 43°C.
● Smart Mobile WIFI APP Control
On a business trip or a holiday tr avel? Set and check your pool temperature via the app in your smart phone. The pool temperature is just at your fingertips.
The intelligent controller is used to realize the linkage control between the heat pump unit and the terminal application to improve the operation efficiency.  Through the WIFI APP, users can operate their devices from their smartphones anytime and anywhere. 
● Unique Protection Functions 
There are multiple intelligent protections functions of OSB INVERTER POOL HEAT PUMP: ground protection, temp differential protection, losting-phase protection, high/low voltage protection, water flow protection, frost protection, temp sensor fault protection
● Connection Diagram
This unit can be combined with Hybrid Solar System optional, more than 80%energy saving. (Hybrid Solar System including Solar panel, Mould, Solar bracket, Cable, MC4, PVC pipe, ect.)
pool no storage
pool storage
OEM & ODM & ONE-STOP solution
OSB heat pump company has more than 23 years of OEM ODM experience, and has joined in many household and commercial customized  projects. We accept OEM for logo, style, packaging and material. OSB can also provide ONE-STOP solution service for pool accessories (water pump /sand filter/ pool cover, etc.).

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