DC Inverter Chiller Heat Pump with Heat Recovery BF3I-142T

Short Description:

1.Advanced inverter technology, used as cold water, minimum cold water can be -10 ℃, max hot water up to 35℃.
2.With heat recovery function, it can provide 45-60 degree domestic hot water.
3.Powder coated steel white color cabinet(stainless steel optional).
4. Use the electric control of the big brand of Carle to control the unit accurately.
5. R410a Sanyo scroll compressor.

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Model BF3I-142T
Refrigerant R410a
Fluid Type Propylene Glycol
Fluid Concentration 40,0 %
Rated cooling capacity KW 17
Heat recovery capacity KW 6.5
Cooling power input KW 8.5
Running current A 13*3
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 380-415V/50-60HZ
Compressor SANYO Scroll
Noise d B(A) 65
Water connections inch 1.5”
Min outlet water temp ° C -11
Max outlet water temp ° C 35
Available Static Pressure KPA 180
R410A g 9000
Applicable ambient temp ° C 20-43
Measuring conditions ° C W 0/-10
° C A32/20
Packing dimension(LxWxH) mm 1300*1140*2030


1.Is the use and operation of air source heat pump unit easy?
It is very easy. The whole unit adopts automatic intelligent control system. The user only needs to turn on the power supply for the first time, and fully realize the automatic operation in the later use process. When the water temperature reaches the user’s specified temperature, the system automatically starts up and runs when the water temperature is lower than the user’s specified water temperature, so that hot water can be available 24 hours a day without waiting.

2.How much the air to water heat pump power consumption?
Mainly influenced by outdoor temperature. When the outdoor temperature is lower,the heating time is longer,the power consumption is more,and vice versa.

3.Where can heat pump units be used?
Heat pump units are widely used, including various types of commercial machines specially designed for hotels, schools, hospitals, saunas, beauty salons, swimming pools, laundry rooms, etc.; there are also various types of household machines specially designed for families.  At the same time, it can also provide free air cooling, which can realize the whole year heating.

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