Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

  • R32 R290 EVI DC I...

    R32 R290 EVI DC Inverter Multifunction Air-to-water Heat Pump BLB1I-100S 130S BLB3I-130S 180S

    • Full DC inverter Technology.
    • High efficiency class A+++
    • Wifi mobile APP
    • Low noise
    • Environmental friendly R32, R290 gas available
    • Comfortable low noise
    • Quality-guaranteed Components
  • R32 Monobloc EVI ...

    R32 Monobloc EVI DC Inverter Heating and Cooling Heat Pump

    1. ASHP Heating Capacity: DC Inverter 8KW 12KW 16KW Heat Pump
    2. Best Selling Market: Gemany, Poland, Sweden, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovak, Austria, Switzerland,Ukraine, Russia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, BIH, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, US, Canada, South Korea, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Jordan, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark.
    3. Ambient Temp of Using: -15 ~ 43 Celsius, max 55C Hot Water Output
    4. Certificate: ISO9001, CE, CB, EMC, MSDS, Scop, erP Energy Label, ROHS
    5. Famous brand Rotary Compressor for Inverter Heat Pump Series

  • Air to water evi ...

    Air to water evi low ambient dc inverter heat pump heater and chiller

    1. Powerful and energy saving, multi-functoin, DHW(domestic hot water).

    2. Use Environment-friendly refrigerant R32, R290 optional.

    3. Use bigger tube-in-shell heat exchanger, with higher efficiency.

    4. Use world-known brand components, high quality and reliability.

    5. Perfect protection design such as anti-frost protection, high/ low pressure protection, water flow protection, high-temp protection, etc., and automatic defrost function, assuring the system to run safely and efficiently even in low temperature environment.

    6. Blue Aluminum fins+copper tubes as condenser, double L shape, more bigger and efficiency.

    7. It can be used in combination with the fan coil for heating the floor, cooling and heating for your house.

  • Inverter Air to W...

    Inverter Air to Water Heat Pump for heating/cooling BB1I-083S/P with Water Pump Inbuilt

    1.Suitable for low temperature environment of – 15 degrees.
    2.Comfortable inverter technology with low running noise, especially suitable for floor heating of villas.
    3.More precise temperature control, can reach below 1 degree.
    4.Various automatic detection functions can protect units.
    5.Integrated design easy-to-install.

  • Erp Label Class A...

    Erp Label Class A++ Air To Water Inverter Heat Pump

    1.- 15 degrees Celsius still work well.
    2.More comfortable and lower noise DC inverter technology.
    3.It can be applied to 50 Hz and 6OHz areas.
    4.Adjustable temperature difference below 1 degree.
    5.More protection functions and auto malfunction checking function.

  • Air To Water Inve...

    Air To Water Inverter Heat Pump suitable for Underfloor Heating

    1.More cost saving inverter Compressor,can running at -15 deg c .
    2.Accurate temperature control,lower noise and more comfortable.
    3.Optional built-in world-famous WILO pump.
    4.Use CAREL brand electronic control,more precise.
    5.Temperature can be precisely controlled within 1 degree.

  • Split Household D...

    Split Household Dc Inverter Air To Water Heat Pump

    1.Keep running at -10 deg c with good COP.
    2.White/Black /Grey galvanized steel shell optional.
    3.Using high efficient copper tube in shell heat exchanger (plate heat exchanger optional),and word famous inverter compressor.
    4.Automatic temperature sensing functions, can be controlled by the thermostat.
    5.Auto malfunction checking function and various of intelligent protection.
    6.Applicable to Fan coil heating/cooling, floor heating, domestic hot water heating etc.
    7.Door open design for indoor unit, more user’ s friendly.

  • Dc Inverter Air S...

    Dc Inverter Air Source Heat Pump With External Heat Exchanger

    11.Can be used for Fan coil heating and cooling, floor heating, domestic hot water heating etc.
    2.More Energy-saving DC inverter technology, more comfortable and power saving.
    3.WILO water pump in-built.
    4.A variety of colors and materials of the shell can be used to select. Galvanized steel shell or stainless steel can be used
    5.With indoor & outdoor brackets, for easy installation and prevent ice freezing.

  • Air To Water Chil...

    Air To Water Chiller and Heater Heat Pump BB15-070S/P 095S/P

    1. Minimum cold water can be 8 ℃, Max hot water up to 50℃.
    2. Powder coated steel white color cabinet(stainless steel optional).
    3. Adopt tube in shell heat exchanger, better heating efficient.
    4. Available green refrigerant: R407C, R410a.
    5. WiFi remote control function optional.

  • Heat Pump Chiller...

    Heat Pump Chiller and heater with Wilo water pump In-Build BB15 BB35-110S/P BB35-160S/P

    1.With environmentally friendly R410a gas, R407C gas is available.
    2.Water cooler and heater, Min cool water reach 8 ℃, Max hot water up to 50℃.
    3.Color powder coated steel, white/black/gray, or other colors for choice.
    4.Adopt more efficient and energy-saving tube in shell heat exchanger.