Evi 80°C Heat Pump

  • EVI -25C Cold Cli...

    EVI -25C Cold Climate Household Monoblock Air to Water High Temp 80℃ Heat Pump BLH15-018S

    1. Famous EVI Copeland compressor ,Safe, Reliable, Stable running & durable.
    2. Well known Japanese brand Saginomya four-way-valve+ electronic expansion valve;  very efficient in defrosting in low ambient temp..
    3. Reliable and stable high efficiency heat exchanger
    4.Green & Environment-friendly Refrigerant R134a
    5. Designed with high COP over a lifetime of operation
    6. Strong Cabinet of white /grey galvanized sheet metal construction
    7. Full Consideration for Noise Control; Compressor rubber feet are provided.

  • Commercial Indust...

    Commercial Industry High Temp 80 deg Air To Water Heat Pump BLH35-032S/P

    1. With heating capacity 15kw, Cop high as 4.2,Side fan design, keep working at -25℃ low ambient temp.
    2. Offer maximum 85℃ hot water at anytime any weather.
    3. Can offer cooling function in summer as well.
    4. Simply operation and Remote control by Wi-Fi is possible. Which make it more and more users’ friendly, as heat pump can be control by phone or on line at anytime any place as long as there is wifi.
    5. Quality EVI scroll compressor wit refrigerant R134a.
    6. Got CE approval.
    7. Welcome OEM and OEM design.

  • OEM EVI low tempe...

    OEM EVI low temperature Air source High Temp 80C heat pump BLH35-032S

    1. Heating cooling and domestic hot water function.
    Use for heating or hot water in cold winter time, while use cooling for summer time.
    2. Operation range from zero below 25c to 43 c.
    3. R134a compressor with EVI technology , ideal for Europe chilly market.
    4. Low noise and low current start. Auto restart function optional.
    5. Water heat exchanger with copper coil to keep safe and non-pollution.
    6. Full range choice for 8kw,15kw heating size.
    7. Power supply with 380v /50hz.
    8. Attractive side double fan design, white/grey metal casing for option.

  • EVI  Low Temperat...

    EVI Low Temperature Air source High Temp 80C Heat Pump 60hz BLH36-035S

    1.Built in hot water or Heating and cooling function
    2. Set point temp can be adjusted to 0.1 deg c, then make it much more precise on water temp. Ideal for fish pond heating, which had strictly water temp control requirement.
    3. Auto-re-start function, which made heat pump continue to keep the status before power gone. More convenience on operation.
    4. Anti—freezing function, well protect the water heat exchanger during low ambient temp and low water temp.

  • EVI High Temperat...

    EVI High Temperature 80c Heat Pump Water Heater Factory Direct 50hz BLH35-032S/P

    1. Horizontal twins fan white galvanized cabinet of 17.5kw .
    2. Good COP available for difference air temp.
    3. Variety function like water pump control mode, weather second set point, dry contact for normal open or normal close and etc, ensure heat pump combine with central room thermostat control, easy and convenience.
    4. Heating belt under condenser, craft heater on compressor to help heat pump works smoothly at cold climate which below zero.
    5. Safety air switch in built.
    6.Strongly seaworthy plywood package for heat pump.

  • EVI -25℃ 18KW Air...

    EVI -25℃ 18KW Air Source High Temp Heat Pump Water Heater BLH36-038S

    1. Heat pump with 60hz three phase, fit for hotel, hospital and commercial project.
    2. Offer high temp hot water any time even bad weather like rainy, cloudy and etc.
    3. Easy outdoor installation, able to combine with tank or solar.
    4. Powerful controller —With temp difference of 0.1 deg c, much more precisely.
    5. Timer function—Ensure you could ask heat pump to heating the water in advance before you need it. And also can make heat pump to work at 9am to 11am which with higher air temp in the daytime, to get the better heating performance and reduce the heating time.