Erp Label Class A++ Air To Water Inverter Heat Pump

Short Description:

1.- 15 degrees Celsius still work well.
2.More comfortable and lower noise DC inverter technology.
3.It can be applied to 50 Hz and 6OHz areas.
4.Adjustable temperature difference below 1 degree.
5.More protection functions and auto malfunction checking function.

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DC Inverter Heat Pump
 Model BB1I-125S BB3I-160S
Rated heating capacity KW 5.4~15 7~19.6
BTU 18000~50000 23000~65000
COP W/W 3.34~4.1 3.25~4.78
 Heating power input KW 1.31~4.42 1.58~5.91
Running current heating A 6.44~20.28 2.85~9.36
Rated cooling capacity KW 6~11.17 6.5~11.9
BTU 20000~37200 21000~39600
EER W/W 2.27~4.55 2.2~4.5
Cooling power input KW 1.32~4.91 1.65~5.3
Running current cooling A 3.13~23.3 2.93~8.56
Power supply V/Ph/Hz 230/1/50 380/3/50
Max outlet water temp ° C 50 50
Applicable ambient temp ° C 一15~43 一15~43
Noise dB(A) 55 55
Water connections Inch 1” 1”
Water flow volume M3/H 3 3.4
Compressor qty pc 1 1
Fan rotate qty pc 2 2
Gross weight KG 173 185
Container loading qty 20/40 15/32 15/32


1.Is the use and operation of air source heat pump unit easy?
It is very easy. The whole unit adopts automatic intelligent control system. The user only needs to turn on the power supply for the first time, and fully realize the automatic operation in the later use process. When the water temperature reaches the user’s specified temperature, the system automatically starts up and runs when the water temperature is lower than the user’s specified water temperature, so that hot water can be available 24 hours a day without waiting.

2.Whether the heat pump unit can operate normally in winter with low temperature?
Yes. Air source heat pump unit has intelligent defrosting function to ensure stable operation of the unit in low temperature environment. It can automatically enter and exit defrosting according to multiple parameters such as outdoor environment temperature, evaporator fin temperature and unit operation time.

DC Inverter Heat Pump
DC Inverter Heat Pump

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