EVI Low Temperature Air source High Temp 80C Heat Pump 60hz BLH36-035S

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1.Built in hot water or Heating and cooling function
2. Set point temp can be adjusted to 0.1 deg c, then make it much more precise on water temp. Ideal for fish pond heating, which had strictly water temp control requirement.
3. Auto-re-start function, which made heat pump continue to keep the status before power gone. More convenience on operation.
4. Anti—freezing function, well protect the water heat exchanger during low ambient temp and low water temp.

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 ● Green and Environmental Protection

By using air energy and electric energy, there is no harmful gas being discharged during the work of heat pump. R134A refrigerant guarantees fluoride-free emission.


 ● High outlet water temp.

A regular heat pump therefore takes longer than a boiler to heat your home, meaning you need larger radiators to ensure it won’t take forever, and insulation to stop heat from escaping during this process.

High temperature heat pumps can output max 80C high water temp , and it can operate at the same heating level as gas boilers, meaning you can replace one with the other without having to get new radiators or insulation.


 ● Durable & Stable Running at -25℃ Ambient Temp

Thanks to the The Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology from Copeland compressor and other brand components of the heat pump, the unit could be stable running at -25℃ Ambient Temperature guarantee high quality and a long lifespan.

And all of our screws and clips (both external and internal) are stainless steel. The cabinet we are using is made of  galvanized steel, making them more rust resistant and durable.   


 ● Smart Defrost Technology

Intelligent defrost technology to reduce the defrosting times and thus extend the unit heating time. Rapid defrost to shorten defrost time can help to recover supply water temperature quickly, improve the unit heating efficiency and maintain comfort.


 ● Intelligent Weather Mode

The target temperature of leaving water is automatically determined based on the outdoor air temperature in Weather Dependent Operation. If outdoor temperature decreases, heating capacity for the house will automatically increase in order to maintain the same room temperature.


 ● Multiple Protections

For example, if water flow is not enough in the system, the system will show high pressure protection and stop the heat pump automatically to protect the compressor from being damaged. Also, there is high current protection: if the power supply is not stable, the heat pump will show the high current error to stop the heat pump and avoid compressor damage


 ● Wide Application

High temperature heat pumps can be very efficient for hot water production and have been adopted in commercial settings for hotels and restaurants where there is high hot water demand. The unit can be used in industrial applications such as electrioplating factory, food disinfection or drying. laundry etc. And it can also be used in hotels for hot water supply with a smaller tank.


 ● Quality-guranteed Components

Use international famous brand components equipping.

Quality-guaranteed Components



Rated heating capacity







 Heating power input



Power supply



Max outlet water temp

° C


Applicable ambient temp

° C


Running current




d B(A)


Water connections



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1. Air to water heat pump is heating faster?
Air to water heat pump heating rate according to the water temperature and outdoor temperature
Summer inlet water temperature and outdoor temperature are high,so heating faster.
In winner inlet water and outdoor temperature are lower,so the heating is slow.

2. How much the air to water heat pump power consumption?
Mainly influenced by outdoor temperature.When the outdoor temperature is lower,the heating time is longer,the power consumption is more,and vice versa.

3.Is the use and operation of air source heat pump unit easy?
It is very easy. The whole unit adopts automatic intelligent control system. The user only needs to turn on the power supply for the first time, and fully realize the automatic operation in the later use process. When the water temperature reaches the user's specified temperature, the system automatically starts up and runs when the water temperature is lower than the user's specified water temperature, so that hot water can be available 24 hours a day without waiting.

EVI Low-ambient Heat Pump

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  •  Model BLH36-035S
    Rated heating capacity KW 17.5
      BTU 59500
    COP 4.27
     Heating power input KW 4.27
    Power supply V/Ph/Hz 380/3/60
    Max outlet water temp ° C 85
    Applicable ambient temp ° C 一25~43
    Running current A 8.1*3
    Noise d B(A) 63
    Water connections Inch 1”
    Gross weight KG 225
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